We help businesses build better custom software on the web.

Rubydock is a technical consultancy in Portland, OR.


We’re a small technical consultancy with an eye towards training and software products. We currently make money in three ways:

  • Ongoing development and new projects for clients with Ruby on Rails
  • Maintenance/support retainers for client projects
  • Training workshops for developers

Here are some the things we can do for you:

  • Build the first version of your web application idea.
  • Take an existing web application started by another team through to completion.
  • On going feature development for an established web application.

The stack

We’ve found that working with these tools we can provide a high quality output:

  • Ruby on Rails web framework
  • Sidekiq for processing background jobs
  • EmberJS - for building Single Page Applications
  • Vue.js - for when we need just a sprinkle of dynamic JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL - our old favorit- capable and scalable
  • Search/Indexing tools - if you need to find something fast: ElasticSearch, Solr
  • Redis - for caching and storing the background job queue, among other uses